Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Yeah, not so good at this blogging thing. What have I been up to since my last post since ::yikes!:: January, well my foot got better, although having slight issues again since wearing "cute" shoes and competing in the Citi Field Spartan Race two weeks ago.

5+ Year Tenure Season Ticket Holder Reception

 The new owners of the Devils are celebrating the season ticket holders and held a reception for the 5+ year group (the largest) after going through 30 year and down. They announced we'll be receiving jerseys (one per seat - woo hoo!) for each five year milestone we hit. They'll have a patch that says Season Ticket Holder Since and the year and then similar to the 5 Seasons "shield' you see below in the pics there will be a patch of that as well.

After wearing my Toms Ballet Flats for the reception my foot was not liking me much. But they are cute, aren't they?
 I'm on the right side about midway back.

Citi Field Spartan Race

I volunteered from 9-2 for Street Team handing out fliers and stickers at the exit then ran at 3PM. Ron joined me for what was his third lap after running the Elite heat and volunteering with the Biggest Loser heat. I did better than I had last year even with annoying my foot on the Hobie Hop and the large jump rope. Quite honestly I was ready to quit three obstacles in, but ultimately finished the race.

The only other thing I've been up to is meeting Adam Henrique, twice at two different Season Ticketholder events - they had a Private VIP Practice and the Awards Ceremony, both had autograph sessions.

I'll make a second post for what I've gotten myself into next!
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