Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Today I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting! Maybe it's just an excuse to peruse Pinterest but I'm excited to join in the fun!

I'm dying to make the Sangria she posted!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013


Is a "staycation" a failure if you didn't accomplish anything you set out to?

My only "plans" this week were to sand and repaint the bilco doors outside and select and possibly paint the kitchen. Neither has been done! In my defense until yesterday it was still incredibly hot and humid around here. Yesterday was much, much cooler (high 60s) but cloudy with some scattered showers. Not ideal painting weather.

I did manage to stop at Benjamin Moore to pick up more, who doesn't need 50 different, gray paint, samples. I think I have narrowed it down though.

My other accomplishment for today was hitting up the Red Bank sidewalk sale - after I found out about it thanks to the lovely Angela, the owner of Sweetest Sin. They are having sales up to 70% off! I purchased two bras and matching panties.

My other fun of the week was spending some time with my mom on Thursday. Which consisted of more shopping - more her than me. I did score some deals in Home Goods - got a new bamboo spatula set and finally found the glass mixing bowl I've been wanting.

Yes, I lead such an exciting life! Anywho, I'll make a separate post with race pictures that Super Hero Scramble posted - stay tuned!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Super Hero Scramble - NY

This weekend we participated in the Super Hero Scramble. It was originally supposed to be in Tuxedo, NY but was moved to Roxbury, NY about two hours north.

Overall it was a good race, it was listed at +/- 6.1 miles with 28 obstacles. I'm not sure on the exact mileage as I don't have a GPS watch and I didn't count the obstacles as I tackled most of them. Below is the list of obstacles we were given in advance.

3. 4’ WALLS
4. 10‘ WALLS
11. 4’ WALLS
12. SAND BAGGIN‘ - never saw a sand bag
23. 10’ WALL

Assuming Razorback is a barbed wire crawl, I only recall encountering two of them. There was no slime to the slide. There were 10' and 4' walls throughout the course. The Plattekiller - was climbing pretty much from the base of the mountain to the top and was a KILLER! There was one obstacle I could NOT do - the Leap of Faith. Climbing up to the top of two cargo containers to jump off into a muddy pit of water is not ideal for someone with a fear of falling (more so than heights). I spent a good 20 minutes trying to talk myself into it and R tried as well but in the end I climbed back down. I don't totally regret not doing it. Here's a pic courtesy of Super Hero Scramble while R was trying his best to get me to do it.

In the end it took me 3:48 and I finished 19th in my age group. More pics to come once they are posted.

Next race is Warrior Dash August 3rd - thankfully this one isn't on a mountain!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Funnies

Today I'm linking up with Amanda from Living in Another Language for Friday Funnies. Here are some funnies I found to share (all found at

Friday Funnies

This weekend we're off to Roxbury, NY to compete in the Super Hero Scramble. My legs are still tired from last weekend and my four days at the gym. Sunday is my birthday and then I'm on vacation. Just hanging out at home and doing some projects around the house. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spartan Sprint - Blue Mountain, Palmerton, PA

This past Saturday I completed the Spartan Sprint at Blue Mountain in Palmerton, PA. It was my first race on a mountain.

The first half of the course was going straight up the mountain. It was no joke! Lucky for me being a slower racer I wasn't one of the number of people who went off course. The first obstacle (not counting the terrain) was Over, Under, Through (climb over a wall, go under a wall, and then go through an opening in a wall). After that it was more "hiking" through a wooded trail. Next up the sand bag carry. Women carried a approximately 20lbs sand bag up a double black diamond slope, around a bend and down another. Then a bit more of a hike and climbing up part of a slope with the aid of a rope. At the top of the mountain were the next few obstacles (if I'm remembering correctly) was the tire flip, monkey bars, spear throw, and Herculean hoist (my fav!) - I ended up with 60 burpees out of those four obstacles.

The second half of the course was down hill! More of a hike, vertical cargo net and then onto the slide and swimming under tubes in the lake (I'm sure I'm missing a few obstacles). After that it was log hop (burpees), barbed wire crawl (where I got most of my bruises), the inverted wall. I was determined to get over it and on the third try was successful with some help (thank you to the guy that help me). After that it was the 7 foot wall and the traverse wall. I so badly wanted to conquer the traverse wall this time but from all the mud couldn't even get up on the damn thing (more burpees). Once past this we could see the finish line, but first it was the rope climb (burpees), another small barbed wire crawl, "slippery" wall, fire jump and the gladiators. I finally got to jump the fire - so hoping that the pictures come out good from that!

My initial goal was to finish in two hours - the husband said with the course it was a bit unrealistic and figured more like 2.5 hours. I happily finished in 02:21:12.7!

One of Spartan Race's tag lines is "You'll know at the finish", it is so true. You feel such a sense of accomplishment.

Something that was even more rewarding was participating in the Sweeper Wave with some of Spartan Race Street Team (Ron, Kelli, Mike B. and Gary). You go through and clean up the course and help the last racers finish. Doing this we met Annie and Andy Wells. Andy is a former military man, and Spartan Race veteran; it was Annie's first race. There were times were she wanted to just do the burpees but Andy wouldn't let her. She went from someone, as he [Andy] put it, who feared a 3ft step ladder to going over the vertical cargo net. We helped her to get over the inverted and 7ft walls and Kelli and I took some of her burpees at the rope climb. In the end, after the crossed the finish line side by side, there were tears in her eyes and a congratulatory kiss. Thinking back to that moment even makes me tear up! Congratulations Annie I hope to see you at a future race!

View from near the top toward the festival area

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekend Round up!

Last Saturday, the husband, father-in-law, and I ran Rugged Maniac. It was held at Aviator Sports and Events Center at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY.

The course was a flat 5K with various obstacles - 18 in all. There were man-made hills to run up and over, tires to run through, small walls, slanted walls, tall walls, balance beam, underwater, mud crawl, tunnel to mud crawl, suiclide and others. I was happy to complete them all, not that there was a penalty if I couldn't.

The husband had selected to get timed; he couldn't recall if he had check the box for me to also get a timing chip. Regardless, we got there to find out that the system crashed and nobody would be timed. It made for some annoyed people. My unofficial time, based on starting at 9am, was 48 minutes. The husband finished in about 29 minutes, and my father-in-law one hour.

R and I

On Sunday, I attended the NHL Draft. We're NJ Devils season ticket holders so one of the perks was free tickets to the draft. Unfortunately, since R (the husband) took off work Saturday for the race he had to work on Sunday. I brought my friend Danielle, whose family had gotten R into hockey.

They had a fan experience party in Championship Plaza, complete with a mini boardwalk, that started at 10:30am. Danielle and I opted to arrive later since the draft itself didn't start till 3pm.
Stronger than the Storm
Seating was General Admission. We had spotted some other friends and sat with them. It was interesting to attend but I probably wouldn't again. The Devils traded their 9th pick in the first round to pick up an established goalie that should calm the fears of many for when Marty (Brodeur) retires. I believe we left after the 25th pick of round one. 

That pretty much sums it up! Thanks for reading!

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