Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reflections on the Beast

I felt batter, bruised, and broken but I did it! I complete my first Spartan Race Beast and earned my Trifecta. 

At 36, never did I think I'd be pulling myself on a rope across a lake. I successfully did the Tryolean Traverse and not because I noticed I was being filmed. Even with pants on I have rope burn or something with bruising behind my legs. The right leg is bad. I will be wearing yoga pants to work tomorrow. 

I only failed at three obstacles: the traverse wall, spear throw, and rope climb. Not too shabby.

The worst part of the entire thing wasn't getting separated from some of my teammates, it was being wet and cold. Of course it was in the 70s all week in Winnsboro, SC but race day the temps dipped to the 30s. It was supposed to be around 55 when our heat went off, not sure if it was. They didn't waste anytime getting us wet sortly after the start it was right into a variation on rolling mud. 

I can't even recall everything we went through. By mile 12 things that happened at mile 2 seemed like ages ago. I thought I cannot believe in another month I'll be doing this all over again in Texas. Please let it be warmer. 

I will post more pictures after I upload the ones my sister-in-law (hi Kristen) took with my camera and I collect others that were taken. 

Till then....AROO!

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