Thursday, January 16, 2014


OK so I totally suck at this blogging thing. I would like to promise I'll get better but I'm not sure that will actually happen.

It's been a smidge over a month since I've worked out. Apparently the Texas Beast and my right foot didn't go well together. The only point during the race that I felt like I hurt it was after jumping off the final log at the second log hop. I didn't land oddly or anything but my right foot stung when it hit the ground. I chocked it up to it was cold and the ground was hard from the ice storm they had a week and a half prior.

Fast forward to the Saturday before Christmas, I'm doing last minute running around and as I'm walking through Costco I have severe burning pain in my foot. Since I wasn't getting to see a podiatrist that day I went to urgent care to make sure nothing was broken. X-rays were clear and the doctor was pretty sure that I had just "pissed off the tendons in my foot". She instructed me to see a podiatrist. Monday I called Dr. Shrem's office and was able to get in Thursday.

I was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma. Dr. Shrem said we could go very passive with treatment or very aggressive. Very passive would be taking an anti-inflammatory for two to three weeks, wear sneakers and hope it helped. Another option was I could get an injection in my foot go easy for two days and see from there. There was a chance one injection would be all I would need. Then the aggressive course of action would be surgery which he didn't think we needed to discuss quite yet.

I opted for the injection, since between the time of injury and having it checked out I had on occasion taken 2-3 Aleve without any relief. He mixed together four different things ("not because he's a mad scientist") - numbing medicines, an anti-inflammatory, and a steriod - to inject. OMG did that hurt!!!!! Not so much the needle going in because he also sprayed a freezing spray on my foot but because that was a lot of liquid going into a small space. I had my fingers crossed it'd be one and done.

I went back for my follow up appointment Tuesday and while I wasn't really experiencing any more pain it still wasn't quite right. Plus I hadn't really done anything other than regular walking around and was still experiencing issues. So you guessed it I got a second injection. This time it wasn't as bad as the first, and unlike Dr. Shrem thinks it wasn't because I knew what to expect. No wonder Ron likes him, they have similar personalities/sense of humor. He did say that if after 2-3 injections if it hasn't totally gone away I'll have to get an MRI done to see how bad the inflammation is and from there will determine if we need to kill it from the inside or outside. He would prefer, not because he's surgery happy, to go in to take care of it because if done from the outside you don't know all of what else will be affected.

I was quite happy to hear that I could do light jogging and that I should be getting more active.

I'll spare you all the lovely picture of my foot that I sent to my sister-in-law after it turned red. She thinks I may have had a slight reaction to the steroid. Thankfully it went away after I iced and elevated it. I did have some pain yesterday but it has subsided. Fingers crossed yet again that this works.

Now tonight I'm going back hot yoga!!!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your hot yoga class. I too am looking forward to jogging and yoga again. Something really nice about getting regular exercise.

    1. Thanks for reading! Had some foot issues but overall enjoyed it. Hope you've gotten some good news on your end and totally understand looking forward to being able to exercise.


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