Friday, January 31, 2014


My podiatrist sure knows the way to a girls heart...he told me I HAD to get new sneakers before I saw him again in two weeks! SWOON!!! He specifically recommended Asics, Mizuno, or Brooks and said that Nikes (which I was wearing at the appointment) are more for style. He was wearing a pair of Nike high tops. LOL!

Of course I told Ron that Dr. Shrem said I had to, so he couldn't argue about me buying new sneakers. His response was that he had a reward certificate for Sports Authority. I'm all for saving a few beans but was a bit apprehensive of getting them at Sports Authority in case I ended up not liking them. I'm sure there you cannot return them if worn unlike at Road Runner Sports.

This morning I set to doing a little research on the three recommended brands and the type of sneaker I need (stability) - I already own a pair of Brooks that I love but need to be replaced. I decided on the Brooks Ravenna 5.


Aren't they pretty??? Next was to see if my local Road Runner Sports had them - no such luck! Fortunately there's another location not too far from where I work. I told Donna at the North Brunswick store that she was awesome when she confirmed that not only did they have them they also had them in my size! A little detour on my way home and they will be MINE!

The things that make me excited! Hope you have a great weekend!

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