Friday, July 26, 2013


Is a "staycation" a failure if you didn't accomplish anything you set out to?

My only "plans" this week were to sand and repaint the bilco doors outside and select and possibly paint the kitchen. Neither has been done! In my defense until yesterday it was still incredibly hot and humid around here. Yesterday was much, much cooler (high 60s) but cloudy with some scattered showers. Not ideal painting weather.

I did manage to stop at Benjamin Moore to pick up more, who doesn't need 50 different, gray paint, samples. I think I have narrowed it down though.

My other accomplishment for today was hitting up the Red Bank sidewalk sale - after I found out about it thanks to the lovely Angela, the owner of Sweetest Sin. They are having sales up to 70% off! I purchased two bras and matching panties.

My other fun of the week was spending some time with my mom on Thursday. Which consisted of more shopping - more her than me. I did score some deals in Home Goods - got a new bamboo spatula set and finally found the glass mixing bowl I've been wanting.

Yes, I lead such an exciting life! Anywho, I'll make a separate post with race pictures that Super Hero Scramble posted - stay tuned!

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