Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekend Round up!

Last Saturday, the husband, father-in-law, and I ran Rugged Maniac. It was held at Aviator Sports and Events Center at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, NY.

The course was a flat 5K with various obstacles - 18 in all. There were man-made hills to run up and over, tires to run through, small walls, slanted walls, tall walls, balance beam, underwater, mud crawl, tunnel to mud crawl, suiclide and others. I was happy to complete them all, not that there was a penalty if I couldn't.

The husband had selected to get timed; he couldn't recall if he had check the box for me to also get a timing chip. Regardless, we got there to find out that the system crashed and nobody would be timed. It made for some annoyed people. My unofficial time, based on starting at 9am, was 48 minutes. The husband finished in about 29 minutes, and my father-in-law one hour.

R and I

On Sunday, I attended the NHL Draft. We're NJ Devils season ticket holders so one of the perks was free tickets to the draft. Unfortunately, since R (the husband) took off work Saturday for the race he had to work on Sunday. I brought my friend Danielle, whose family had gotten R into hockey.

They had a fan experience party in Championship Plaza, complete with a mini boardwalk, that started at 10:30am. Danielle and I opted to arrive later since the draft itself didn't start till 3pm.
Stronger than the Storm
Seating was General Admission. We had spotted some other friends and sat with them. It was interesting to attend but I probably wouldn't again. The Devils traded their 9th pick in the first round to pick up an established goalie that should calm the fears of many for when Marty (Brodeur) retires. I believe we left after the 25th pick of round one. 

That pretty much sums it up! Thanks for reading!

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