Friday, August 9, 2013

Always remember to hit save before exiting Blogger

I started typing a post, on my phone, about donating blood but then my one cat started having a massive sneezing fit that was rather funny. Of course I close the app to try to record it - double fail - not only did I lose what I had typed but Parker also stopped sneezing. Womp womp!

Any who, while I was sitting in the canteen, snacking and waiting the allotted time before I could leave the vampires (aka Red Cross), I ended up finding out what happens if you can't donate a pint.

This poor guy had nearly filled the bag but his blood just stopped flowing. That sounds like he died, of course it was still flowing through his veins it just wasn't going out the needle anymore. The tech made a comment, I assume in an attempt to make him feel better, that not to worry his donation doesn't go to "complete waste" it'll be used for research.

My thought is if they tell us that one pint can save three lives why can't his nearly a pint save two? 

And now I think I need a nap!

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