Friday, August 30, 2013

Yay for long weekends!!!

TGIF!!!! I've been out of work since 12:30 PM but have been running around a bit. Yay for summer hours and half day Fridays; BOO that today was the last of them :(

I'm linking up with Darci over at The Good Life and Natasha at Hello! Happiness for Five on Friday.

ONE. I've been keeping my eye out for a new job. We all know the economy is still sucky so the job market isn't that hot. I applied to an ad on Career Builder on Wednesday morning and was surprised to receive a call to set up a phone interview very shortly thereafter. My phone interview was yesterday and I had an in-person interview today! I would love the position and even if it pays me the same amount the commute is a whopping 2.5-3 miles, compared to my current 19 miles! I haven't had that short of a commute since I worked at Roy Rogers in high school. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

TWO. I noticed a sign for a nail salon opening up, in place of the one I occasionally would go to, a few weeks ago. Well they just opened the other day and I decided to treat myself. It's called Ocean Nail Spa for anyone local to the Keyport area. They are currently running a 20% off special for their Grand Opening and it runs till 10/31/2013. I went with the Jelly Pedicure and it was heaven! Not only did she do the regular massage you get but also a hot stone massage on my calves and feet. She paraffined my heels (my feet are awful from all the obstacle course races and working out). When I sat to dry my toes I got a massage on my shoulders. I could've stayed there all day! I don't find a website for them but they are located in Romeo Plaza at the corner of 35N and Prospect Ave. Go check them out!

The color is Essie - Bouncer, It's me!
I got the blue for the SR Super next weekend.

THREE. My long weekend starts off super early tomorrow! I have to be up at Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ for 7AM - this will require some sort of caffeine! The reason I have to be up at the butt crack of dawn is I will be helping to unload and set up/build for Spartan Race. I'm a member of their Street Team and someone posted yesterday about them still needing some hands to get things going for the race next weekend. I feel like I'm part of the Spartan family so I knew I had to help. If you're looking for me between the hours of 7AM-6:30PM I'll be somewhere on the mountain. I get to spend another weekend with brother who had previously signed up to help out and earn a free race - YAY!

They do also have a Labor Day special for 2014 races - 50% OFF - so if you're thinking about signing up to do one - DO IT!!! I promise you won't regret it!

FOUR. I seriously need to clean out my DVR. I'm usually good about keeping up on my shows but I've got a few things on there now - Mistresses. Under the Dome, and the movies Brave and The Vow. Ron is off at boot camp so I need to speed up my typing to get on that.

FIVE. I'm super excited for my cousin, Tanya's wedding this weekend! Sadly I haven't seen her since our grandma passed away - way too long ago! We were messaging some on Facebook earlier today and her soon-to-be-hubby said that we all - my brother and his wife, Ron and I, and her and Mike need to make it a plan to get together at least once a year. I'm all for it! I used to spend a week each summer as a child at their house in upstate NY when she was just a wee little thing. My how time has surely flown by! Congratulations Tanya and Mike! I'll be sure to post some pictures when I return.

Enjoy your weekend!
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