Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday!

TGIF!!!! The weekend is finally upon us - woo hoo!

Some randoms from the week with just a few linkups:

ONE. It's a small world be careful what you say about whomever, you never know when a. someone near by knows the person you're talking about, b. the person you're talking about walks around the corner.
Monday after work Ron tells me how he's excited for Boot Camp because they were playing dodge ball. When he gets home he tells me how he accidentally hit a couple people in the head. OK no big deal! I head off to Hot Power Yoga. Just before the instructor starts the one woman says something about camp and dodge ball. I try to ask so you go to [insert name of place Ron goes to here]. Not sure if she didn't hear me or if the woman on the other side of the room chimes in too quickly with - (and this is not word for word) "that Spartan guy was pegging people in the head...". AWKWARD!!! they unknowingly are talk about Ron. Not sure if I should speak up the someone mentions seeing the one trainer's status on Facebook, which if she wasn't joking I doubt she'd have tagged Ron in it, and the first woman then says well you know what'll happen we just won't play anymore. From there it's boys ruin everything and we started class. Of course I go home and tell Ron all this.

TWO. I realized last night that I've taken eight classes in five days. I go to LA Fitness, and have recently been going to Tula Yoga via an Amazon Local Deal the kitties got me for my birthday. 
Found on Google images - we do just this at my Tuesday Yoga.
  1. Sunday - Hot Flow @ Tula Yoga
  2. Monday - Yoga with Anne Marie @ LA Fitness
  3. Monday - Hot Power Yoga @ Tula Yoga
  4. Tuesday - Spin/Cycle with Teresa @ LA Fitness
  5. Tuesday - Yoga @ LA Fitness with Abha
  6. Wednesday - Zumba with Angelica @ LA Fitness
  7. Wednesday - Body Works plus Abs @ LA Fitness
  8. Thursday - Yoga with Anne Marie @ LA Fitness

Hmm and here I was thinking to myself what am I going to do Saturday because Ron has a race I'm not participating in and I won't be able to go to the gym. There are worse things to be addicted to!

THREE. We've been having some unseasonably cooler weather, which has been making me think of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and hockey. #isitOctoberyet? and I made some Tortellini Soup last night - delish!

FOUR. Speaking of hockey, my beloved New Jersey Devils have been sold. I didn't watch the press conference yesterday and haven't read much on it (great fan, huh?). From what I've heard the new owners, who also own the Philadelphia 76'ers, did a great job with turning things around for them. The team itself isn't bad, not looking at the lack of a playoff run this past season, but it'll be nice to see what a fresh pair(s) of eyes do marketing wise. Maybe we'll finally have some cool merch like many of the other teams.

FIVE. I'm a part of the Spartan Race Street Team. In an effort to help me get more sign ups, I bought Moo minicards that I can hand out with my link. Sooo anyone want to sign up for a Spartan Race? I can save you 15% off!

Venus Trapped in Mars

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  1. wish I could get into yoga! Great job on all your working out.

    1. Thanks! I think with all group fitness type classes it really depends on the instructor. I LOVE the one who teaches Mon & Thurs and have been enjoying hot yoga.


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