Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gourmet Food Truck Invitational

This past Saturday I joined my friend Danielle and her family at Laurita Winery in New Egypt, NJ for the Gourmet Food Truck Invitational.

There was quite a variety of food trucks: seafood, empanadas, waffles, and sliders, just to name a few. I personally hit up el Lechon de Negron and started with a beef empanada and tostones (fried bananas). The empanada was delicious and the tostones were good but not what I was expecting.


We of course had to have some of the Summer Sangria, which was delicious and went down easily. 

I had been to Laurita Winery once before with Danielle for a Girls Night Out, that they hold on Wednesdays this year, but wasn't able to take a winery tour so happily did so Saturday. Due to the large attendance they had two wagons going and the tours were a bit shorter than the tour guide said he normally gave.

The winery opened in 2008 and is situated on 250 acres, if I remember correctly. It was previously a dairy farm and some of the buildings still stand (sort of) as you'll see in later pictures. The main building of the winery is two barns that were taken apart and reassembled in the location. The bathrooms and elevator are also recycled from other buildings in NJ that were being torn down. The winery is also run 100% on solar power.

Below is a picture of the natural spring that is on the property. Our guide mentioned that they were looking into doing "catch and release" fishing but had to work out things for liability reasons - alcohol + fish hooks = dangerous! I'm not sure how serious he was but he did include the story of how fish came to be in the spring. Birds eat fish, fish have eggs, birds do their business flying over head - makes me even happier that I do not eat fish!

One of the other trucks I checked out, but was remiss in taking a picture of the food was Hibachi Heaven, the second truck to the left in the top picture. I got chicken hibachi with fried rice and veggies all for $9 not too shabby for the amount of food I got.

Lastly I went back to where Danielle had started, Waffle de Lys, and got a Belguim waffle with strawberries, vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Too die for!!!!


  1. Wow! How fun. Love all your beautiful pics. The grounds are so pretty.

    1. Thanks! It really is gorgeous there.

  2. What a fun and yummy day! I'm so glad you were able to join us. I'm so jealous of your camera!

    1. I'm glad I was able to go too! I know a lot of newer point and shoot cameras you can adjust some of the settings but probably can't fully shoot in manual. I'm just surprised how much I remember from photography class in high school. Although I've also read many photography blogs to refresh and learn new stuff.


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