Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OH, How Pinteresting!

Hope everyone's week is going well as we (slowly) head into a long Labor Day weekend. Mine isn't too shabby, some annoyances at work but I'm working at keeping a positive attitude and doing my best to not let it bother me. Danielle's response had to be the best when I text her earlier about it "channel your inner yogi (& not your inner Spartan that throws spears!)". Love her!

Any who, even though Michelle over at The Vintage Apple has decided for the time being to change the link up to once a month I've decided to still post some of my favorite recent pins.

I'm not sure I showed this one prior but I made it and it was yummy so I needed to share.

 photo xoxo.png


  1. goodness gracious! that bread looks delicious!

    1. It certainly does! I cannot wait to make it!


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