Friday, September 6, 2013


Day FOUR of BlogtemberA story about a time you were very afraid. 

Nothing really sticks out to me of a time I was very afraid, except for more recently at Superhero Scramble with the Leap of Faith obstacle. You see I have this fear of falling and I'm not even sure where it came from. I do recall being younger and every night as I fell asleep having that feeling of falling that jolts you awake - every.single.night for I can't remember how long. It's odd because I don't have a fear of heights per se and I do like being up high to see the out over a large area. It's just when I feel like I could easily fall. 

Anywho, I climbed to the top of the obstacle, two cargo containers high with a platform a bit above and that's where I froze. Ron tried talking me into it, along with a friend of ours and other racers. I wasted spent a good 20 minutes trying to psych myself into it and when I was just about to do it I panicked, shook, and began to cry. Not my proudest racing moment!  Although everyone did love the shot the photographer captured.

I will also tell you that the first question out of my mouth when I volunteered at the course build last weekend for the Spartan Race this weekend was "are you using the cliff jump this year?" I'm happy to say I was told no - thank you sweet baby jesus! Now here's to hoping they didn't fib.
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