Friday, September 13, 2013

Self Portrait + Tri-State Spartan Super

Today's Blogtember topic is simply a self portrait. This is from shortly after I got my DSLR.


Tri-State Spartan Super

Last weekend we tackled the Tri-State Spartan Super held at South Base, Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ. It was my second time running with Team Braveheart. Team Braveheart is an amazing group of people. Right from the website:

Team Braveheart’s mission is to develop and promote healthy awareness, goal setting and team building. Our ultimate goal is to motivate the world by sharing our life experiences. We encourage others to change their mindsets & do something new.

It was approximately 8.25 miles up and down the mountain. Lots of trails and fairly even placed obstacles - OUT, 7' and 8' walls, Spearman (aka Spear Throw), Log Hop, Tire Flip, Barbed Wire Crawl, Inverted Wall, Rope Climb, Traverse Wall, and Fire Jump. I may be missing something but covered most.

I know many people who did this race last year were somewhat disappointed that it was about three miles shorter than last year and both the cliff jump and a rope traverse were eliminated. The cliff jump we found out was tossed due to mud clogging the water park's filters, so that most likely wasn't Spartan's doing but the park saying no.

Anywho, overall I thought it was a good race. I did fairly well placing around the 50% mark for racers on Saturday. I finished in 3:20:07.2. I was happy with my time and finished quicker than Ron anticipated. After racing I was volunteering and my shift was from 2-10pm, he figured I'd finished right around 2pm, nope finished about 12:45pm! 

I only failed three obstacles - Log Hop, Spear Throw, and the Rope Climb. I'm kicking myself because I made it half way up the rope and my body just felt spent; I probably could've made it all the way up. I was super happy that I conquered the Traverse Wall - I hadn't been able to get it since the Fenway Race. I excitedly said "F**k ya!" once I hit the bell. The volunteer who offered to hold my Camelbak was like LOVE IT! 

It was my second time volunteering for Spartan Race and I would highly recommend it. Both times I've done course volunteering - in Tuxedo, NY at the Barbed Wire Crawl and in NJ at the Spear Throw. You meet the staff and the other racers (including some of the elites, like Andi Hardy, which feels like meeting a celebrity), plus you get a free race! It really is a great experience! Spartan Race is more than just a race, it really is a community.

Next up in racing for me is the Sprint at the World Championships in Vermont. For anyone interested there is still time to sign up for the race September 28th at Citizens Bank Park - use my link and get a 15% discount!
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  1. Oh dear the pictures! Amazing, it does look like a lot of fun! Crazy :) Wish we'd have something similar around here, I'd definitely join.
    Much respect Kelly! :)

    1. They do have Spartan Races in the UK! I don't believe my link works to give discounts for races outside the US but definitely check it out!

  2. You go girl! Volunteering definitely seems like the way to go! Plus you have amazing outfits ;)


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